What you get in the Asian Cuisine courses

Join the course “Asian cuisine” and get not only knowledge and skills, but also an unforgettable journey into the world of Asian gastronomy. Reveal your talent in the culinary arts and please yourself and your loved ones with refined and delicious dishes.

About the "Italian Cuisine" course

Welcome to the course “Asian cuisine” – an exciting journey into the world of flavors and traditions of Asian gastronomy! This course is intended for everyone who is interested in Eastern culture, wants to learn the secrets of cooking Asian dishes and enjoy the richness of flavors and aromas.


Under the guidance of our experienced culinary experts, you will immerse yourself in the vast world of Asian cuisine, where various flavors, fresh ingredients and special cooking techniques are combined. You will learn about the peculiarities of cooking in various cuisines of Asia, such as Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean and many others.


During the “Asian Cuisine” course, you will master the techniques of using exotic ingredients, preparing authentic sauces and special mixtures, reveal the secrets of rice, noodles, and pastas, and learn about the culinary traditions and rituals of various Asian countries.


We will teach you how to cook classic dishes such as sushi, wok, pad thai, pho, banchan smoked sausages, Peking duck and many others. You will learn various cooking techniques, including deep-frying, steaming, pickling, roasting and baking. In addition, you will learn about the importance of a balance of tastes, harmony in the arrangement of dishes and decoration.


At our classes, you will receive not only professional knowledge and skills, but also encouragement for creativity and experimentation in the culinary arts. We aim to inspire you in your own creative cooking, where you can combine traditional ingredients with your own ideas and taste preferences.


Do not miss the opportunity to discover the unique tastes and aromas of Asian cuisine. Join the course “Asian cuisine” and become a real master in cooking delicious and exotic dishes that will enchant you and your loved ones!