What you get in the Basics of Cooking courses

Choose the course “Fundamentals of cooking” and start your exciting journey into the world of taste and culinary discoveries!

About the "Fundamentals of cooking" course

The course “Fundamentals of cooking” is your unique opportunity to enter the fascinating world of culinary art. Whether you are new to cooking or already have some skills, this course will provide a solid foundation for your culinary growth.


Under the guidance of our experienced chefs, you will master the basics of culinary art. You will learn how to properly use kitchen tools, understand the importance of choosing fresh ingredients and basic cooking techniques.


During the course, you will familiarize yourself with a variety of dishes and learn to prepare basic sauces, salads, soups, main dishes and desserts. You will learn how to mix sparkling cakes, cut vegetables, marinate meat and prepare the most delicious sauces.


Our chefs will not only teach you how to prepare dishes, but will also share valuable tips on combining flavors, using spices correctly, and creating harmonious compositions. You will discover the world of culinary creativity and be able to experiment with ingredients, creating unique dishes.


Our classes will be interesting and practical. You will actively participate in the cooking process, receive individual attention from our chefs and be able to ask questions. We will create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where you will feel comfortable and free to experiment.


Upon successful completion of the Basics of Cooking course, you will receive a certificate that will confirm your new skills and achievements in the culinary arts. You will be able to confidently stand behind the stove and cook delicious meals for family and friends.


Don’t hesitate, join our Cooking Basics course and discover the magic of taste and the incredible possibilities offered by the world of culinary arts.